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Fantasy icon pack with over 2000+ asset Updated in 2021!

comes with 32 x 32  and 16 x 16 pixel. Various icon for your games with 2 styles: background and non-background. All iconset included.(RPG maker compatible)

Available with .Psd file ONLY with the iconset.

2020 update sample icon here (32px only)

16 x 16 free sample here.

32 x 32 free sample link here.

What you get:

  • 10 accesories
  • 291 armor : head, torso, arm, leg, cape
  • 10 badge
  • 68 books
  • 10 currency
  • 36 dishes
  • 26 elemental
  • 39 etc.
  • 15 everyday objects
  • 20 icon frames
  • 100 ingredients and material
  • 21 item loot
  • 13 medal
  • 100 monster drop
  • 14 race
  • 38 restoratives / potions
  • 44 rings
  • 160 screen FX
  • 195 skill icon
  • 5 speech bubble
  • 68 stencil icon
  • 7 terrain icon
  • 18 utility
  • 882 weapons : axe, bow, dagger, gun, hammer, mace, scythe, shield, spear, staff, sword

What's new:

  • 16 x 16 pixel variant
  • New icons
2020 Update (only 32px. 16px coming soon):
  •  Visual overhaul 
  • 32px icon transparent background
  • alpha or transparency color removed
  • There are 2588 icons now
  •  Visual overhaul
  • All icons are filled in the row
  • More brand new icons
  • Some icons  placement changed
  •  16 px   visual overhaul

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags16-bit, asset, Fantasy, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Icons, JRPG, MMORPG, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker


Buy Now$28.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $28 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GHAZI - Fantasy Icon Pack 2021 - 2.zip 116 MB

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Howdy, I bought this 3 years ago and just seeing the update haha. 

It's awesome! I was wondering what is the difference between this pack and Fantasy Iconpack 2?

Thank you. Just a different design, but generally the same concept. 

Hello, did you use an specific color palette for the main icons that appear in the cover? (fire, water, skull, leaf, tornado), like one of those from lospec? I really liked these color combinations.

Gwazi, I love and bought all your icon packs, thank you so much!  Anyone thinking of getting this pack I can't recommend it more!  There is a lot and there is many unique icons, I personally found many more suited towards a future fantasy than any other set on itch.io, there is a lot of icons.

I comment with a request however... I was wondering if ice element icons might be added or done in a new different set?  It's the only thing I find lacking, although there are some icons that can be used for such, it is only lacking in comparison to the other elements which have a plethora.

Hi, sorry for late reply, and thank you for your purchase. Im glad you like them. Yes i may add them but im still not sure when, stay tuned for more updates!

Just bought it. Thank you!

I think there is an error. A weird blue line on the "fire-bow" and axe icon on both the sheet and the single icons. Pretty much at the bottom of the sheet.

hi, thank you for noticing this error. Will be fixed tomorrow.


Hi, the icons already fixed in the latest version. You can update them via itch client.

we can't pay with credit card :(

I think you can pay another way with paypal account.

please check your expiry date on your card, that might be the problem. If persists, contact your bank.

got through PAYPAL, thanks! BEAUTIFUL WORK!

I bought this over at gamedevmarket many moons ago, and apparently, it says the last time it's been updated was 2017, which was version 1.2(?). Is there any chance for everyone who bought it there receive the v2 update too? 

Hi, yes i will update at gamedev as well soon.


Hi, i just want to let you know that the game dev version has been updated. You can check it out now.


Im trying to purchase this pack and it wont let me keeps throwing an error when i click on the buy now button. Please investigate I would like to buy this pack while its still on sale. 

hi, can you check with your paypal account ? If problem persists please contact itch.io support.


There is nothing wrong with my PayPal account I made purchases both before and after having problems purchasing yours (I couldn't get past the buy it now button with yours). Is there a way to get the sale price still, because 28$ is too high for me.

Im afraid you have to wait for sale again, probably next month . I apalogize for the inconvenience.

Great quality improvement in the new update, good job!

thank you. Glad you like it.

Can I ask if you can organize the sprites into folders by categories like before the update, that was more convenient for finding things?

hello i just wanted to re ask is there guns in this pack because last time you told me no but now i can see it there is guns

Hi, there is no guns in this pack but there is another in my store. I sell guns separately.

Deleted 3 years ago

if you're talking about the ones in the thumbnail, they are in the sample file. 

Hi, the skill icons are included in the icon pack.

Hey I just downloaded the sample and saw that the icons with no background had no black outlining. Is there any chance that you are going to make them with a black outlining in the future? I really like the icons, but at the moment they don't match the stile of my game and if they had black outlines they would

Hi. Yes i have plan to have a free update of the icons, but dont have any plan to add an outline. You can do that in image editing software.

I don't know why, I can't pay with PayPal, and clicking the Buy button doesn't prompt me with the option to pay by credit card.

Do you have other payment options?

hi, i apologize for inconvenience. Currently i just accept paypal as payment. 

Well, I used someone else's Paypal to buy this package is very beautiful, your two icon packs I have purchased.

thank you very much for your purchase. Look forward to my next work

Hi Assets So Good But I want to give the items a name.
Of course it would be nice to name it for myself,but i can't
If you have a name that you used when designing, please let me know.
Sometimes I wonder what this is, what material it is, what name it is, but I can't get the answer.

Because some images (e.g. monster drops)
Can't understand what's drawn.

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hello friend 2 questions :)

1- can it be use for commercial?

2- is there any guns in this list? if so. what kind? modern future old etc


Hello, yes this asset can be used for your commercial project. No there are no guns here at all.


Does this pack have spell icons? My game is a lot about magic so I need magical items and spell icons.

Thank you!

hello. Spell icon is in other pack. https://ghazi.itch.io/skilliconpack

Is there an anvil in there somewhere?

hello, this pack does not have anvil.

These are absolutely stunning! 

Hi, thank you!

Hi! Is there another payment method? For some reason paypal won't let me pay Itch.io items

NVM, just bought through another store that you support. Thank you! Planing on buying the skill pack as well. It's be good if I could buy though itch.io if the payment stuff gets fixed

This is sick! I'll be buying this pack soon! 

I'm interested by these beautiful icons! Did you use a specific color palette for this work? Thanks.

hello, thank you. I did not use specific color palette.

I honestly cant believe how amazing this pack looks. I will be buying this for sure lol

Hi, thank you :)

Hi, thank you :)

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I have already paid for it, why do I still need to buy it?


hello, if you already bought the asset, you can click the bottom most link that says "i already paid for this" you can read there for more info.

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Hey, man, I really like your resource pack, but my paypal balance is only 20.79USD. Can I buy it at 20USD?

Hey, sorry but no. you can wait for sale :)

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This may seem like a silly question, But i just stumbled across this website. I like the art style and would like to use them in a game i'm developing, but i'm just trying to make sure if i purchase these pack do i also get the rights to use them in a commercial project as well.

And does the same apply to your other work? Like tile sets and monster packs?


Hello, yes you can use and alter all asset packs in your commercial projects.

Thank you so much for your reply :)

Absolutely worth money! Indeed enormous amount of stuff of different kinds - everything you need for a great RPG game or other! Beautiful and well-polished pictures, thank you very much for your work and keep it up!

Thank you for your purchase. Stay tuned for my next work.

When i click to buy and in the name of pack say its 16x16, there is no 32x32? As its saying in the discription...

hello, sorry for the misleading name. It's a 32 x 32 new update in addition to 16 x 16 px icon. so there are both 32 and 16 pixel asset in the pack.

Hi, you plan to update this pack and add more skill cards?

Hello, it's not apparently for now ,but maybe in the future. Stay tuned :)

Awesome arts!  I  like  this set very much  and decide to use it in my games. I  want to know what's the license of the set ? Can I use them on  my commercial game ? Can I  remix and build new assets upon them ?  Good works.

thank you very much for purchasing. Yes you can use them and remix in your commercial game.

excellent´╝üI wonder that do you any plan to make a "monster set" with a similar pixel style? Please let me know if you have any. :)

Hello, yes i am planning to make a rpg monster pack with this style. Look forward to my next work :)

please, make them 32x32 or higher, I will buy it

hello, this is all 32 x 32 and 16 x 16 icon set.

These honestly look incredible :D.
However I'd like to ask as I couldn't find it referenced anywhere alongside the icons, does purchasing these allow for the use of them in commercial projects? E.g. Game project.

Hi! How many skill icons in this set? Please let me know

Hello, sorry for the late reply. This icon has 195 skill icon.

Hi, I purchased this pack and I really love it so much.

Are you going to update it in the future?
Can you make more chest icons? Something like many different chests from Clash Royale.

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, i don't know whether i can update it or not. Stay tuned!

Your "Buy Now" button states $28 USD, but you only allow the asset pack to be downloaded if we pay $29 USD or more. Please standardize it.

I paid $28 USD and cannot download anything due to this. I will be opening a support ticket under itch.io.

Hello. I'm terribly sorry for the alternative pricing. I already delete it now. Can i give it to you directly via e-mail? can you tell me your email address?

Don't worry about it, I'm able to download it now, as you have reduced the minimum price to download to $28 USD.

Great work by the way. Do hope that you'll continue to work on this pack, and maybe expand on it! :)

Awesome! Thank you for the purchase.

Yes, i will update this icon pack soon. Look forward for my next update.

I paid $28 and why I can't download anything at all?

(1 edit)

Hello, i deleted alternative pricing. You should be able to download it now.


I just downloaded and checked. Your icons are stellar!!!

Thank you for your purchase!

Daaamn!! Great job dude! stuning.

Thank you:)

Best icon pack ever. I just purchased these and they are beautiful!

Thank you very much for your purchase!

Wow impressive! Do you have something similar in 16x16 ?

Hello. Unfortunately, i don't have different size for now. I may update later, so look forward for my next update!