New 2020 Update


Hi, Ghazi here

I hope you  are well in these hard times.

Actually, this is my first devlog in the store. I have planned a major update for my best selling asset, this iconpack. This icon  were sold in 2017 and so did my pixel art journey.  Overtime, my art  improves and i want to  change the visual and give more icons to the customer. This devlog acts as announcement of my upcoming update in last month in 2020. 


  1. There are 2430 icons now
  2. Visual overhaul
  3. All icons are filled in the row when previously there are empty  space
  4. More brand new icons
  5. Some icons  placement changed

This update is only for 32px size initially. The 16px size will come soon after.   Also, this counts as free update for those  who have bought this asset. You can download the update via Itch client.

I plan to launch this update before next week.  Stay tuned.

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This is massive value. I have both the original icons AND the new ones. Well done, Ghazi!

Thank you, glad you like it. Stay tuned for another 16px update!

Excited about the update :) , when is it coming?

Hi, the update is now available. you can download the update via itch client.